Gin tour – excursion at Tohi

Release the jinn (aka genie – that sounds almost as „gin“!) out of the bottle. Start your meeting or a party with a tour at the Tohi distillery. During the excursion, the guide explains, how gin is made and probably spill some secrets. Gin tasting– but of course. Test your nose – can you recognize cassia bark, juniper berries of Immortelle flower notes? You will learn about the fascinating history of the distillery and get to know how a contemporary craft gin is created, bottled and labelled.

Seems a fine idea to start off a meeting with a TOHI gin tour and then continue being all professional…

  • Gin tour for 1,5 hrs – excursion and gin tasting
  • Minimal group size – 8 people

Price: 20 € per person.

Price includes: gintour, tasting and one TOHI gin & tonic cocktail.

  • Feel like having some snacks along with the gin  tonics? Order a gin matched snack plate – 10€ per person.
  • Hungry? Or feel like staying longer? Then stay longer and order lunch or dinner.
  • Shopping? After the gintour, buy some gins and giftpacks directly at the distillery.

Book: or call +372 525 3554